“The New Pope”

Paolo Sorrentino’s “The New Pope” arrived on the small screen after a long wait on the part of not only Italian audiences, since the original Sky series is broadcast worldwide. An advance of the new chapter was successfully shown during the last Venice Film Festival where the first episode of Sky Atlantic and Now TV started.

In the last episode of the previous cult series, it has to be said, “The Young Pope”, Pius XIII impersonated by Jude Law feels sick and collapses in front of thousands of faithful in St. Mark’s Square. The Lagoon therefore remains the set of the new incipit that starts with the evocative filming in the Refectory of the Cini Foundation where the nuns pose as cubists in front of the enormous representation of the Marriage at Cana by Paolo Veronese. The director of “The Great Beauty”, however, also filmed last January at the Procuratie, on the Grand Canal where Cardinal Voiello Silvio Orlando speaks in a taxi about the future of the church or Pope John Paul III aka John Malkovich, sporting a shiny ermine in a motorboat while he goes to visit his unconscious predecessor at St. John and Paul’s Hospital. Other scenes were set in the 17th century Donà dalle Rose Palace on the Fondamente Nove and at night on the steps of the Healt.

But the cult scene will remain the one in which Jude Law aka Lenny Belardo wakes up and walks in a white costume on the Excelsior beach at the Lido in front of beautiful girls who almost faint when they see him pass by. The numbers of Wildside’s production are impressive: 22 weeks of takes, 4,500 costumes, 450 papal hats and hats, 500 crosses, 9,000 figures and actors from 65 countries. Many extras are from Venice and Veneto in general, as well as other locations in our region, such as the Piave, which is the scene of a trip to Lourdes and Cortina, where the new Pontiff’s skiing among iron crosses is performed in the mountains. And to embellish the international cast there are also Sharon Stone and Marylin Manson in roles to be discovered. Enjoy the show!

Paolo Braghetto